Centurybox offers SMARTFLAT drawer gift boxes delivered flat in two pieces. The Smartflat drawer gift box is a very unique packaging.  This box is definitely the luxury gift box par excellence. 100% delivered flat, it has everything of a mounted drawer box. Its exclusive sleeve and bowl system gives it a very different look and opening than other products available on the market. This model is easily declined in other formats, so you can adapt this drawer box model for your specific needs.

  • Description: Drawer gift box delivered flat in 2 pieces. Can be assembled very easily in a few moments
  • Handles: possible if personalized box with at least 1000 units, with a ribbon or cord
  • Materials: The generic model available on Centuryprint and Centuryshop, is made of rigid and recycled cardboard of 1200 gr/m² covered with 140 gr/m² laminated paper. Rigid or corrugated cardboard from 260 to 1800 gr/m², covered with the paper of your choice
  • Printing: offset, silk-screen printing, embossing, hologram, hot printing, varnish, laser, digital…
  • Minimum quantity: 25 units in generic, 50 units with printing (Centuryprint), 1000 units for a model declined from the Smartflat.



a. Centuryprint

Easy and quick to assemble, this drawer box is delivered flat in two parts. The Smartflat box has been designed and thought for the most beautiful brands in order to reconcile elegance and practicality. It can be used in the field of footwear as well as art or gastronomy. Its assembly is realized without glue by simple folding. Assembly of the Evobox style inner bowl with double walls and velcro. It takes +/- 1 minute for the assembly (lid and bottom of the box). On Centuryprint you can order this packaging from 50 units with a delivery in less than 15 days. It is available in 2 different colors, black and white, which gives you a lot of creative freedom.

The Smartflat gift box can be personalized directly on Centuryprint thanks to different printing techniques. Different printing processes are proposed on our platform to personalize your packaging, screen printing in 1 or 2 colors, digital printing or hot printing. Thanks to these different personalization techniques offered on our platform, you can easily immerse your customers in the universe of the brand.

b. Centuryshop

On Centuryshop we also propose you to order your drawer box from 25 units. No personalization is offered on this platform, however you will be delivered in less than 3 days.

This speed of delivery has several advantages, first of all you can order very quickly a small quantity when you risk to run out of packaging. Secondly, it offers you the possibility to change your packaging very regularly, by changing the color or format for example.

c. Centurybox

Our unique expertise in the world of luxury packaging allows us to easily transform this concept of gift box into a packaging adapted to your needs. On the images opposite and below you can see how you can adapt the basic model to suit your needs.  A fully customized Smartflat gift box is guaranteed to impress your customers as soon as they see the packaging. The packaging is the first thing the customer sees when the product is packaged, so it’s very important to get this one right!

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