Since 1988, our company has embodied excellence in the field of luxury. With a long history and unrivaled know-how, we have earned the trust of our customers through our commitment to quality and our obsession with detail. True to our values ​​for over three decades, we are committed continusly to raise the standards of the luxury industry, providing our customers with an incomparable experience at every moment. Discover the extent of our range below. Acquired by Mainetti in 2023, this has enabled us to expand worldwide.


The extent of our range


Our box inventory spans five distinct categories to accommodate various packaging needs. These include magnetic boxes, ideal for premium presentations; shipping boxes, ensuring safe transportation; rigid cardboard boxes, …


Century Box MAINETTI specializes in offering a diverse array of customizable bags to suit various needs. Our selection includes an assortment of paper bags as well as reusable options made from high-quality fabrics such as cotton, denim, and felt. 


Discover our customisable pouches in fabric or paper. You can also choose from our postal bags, envelopes, paper or fabric pouches and garment covers. Find the perfect packaging solution for your needs.


Centuryprint offers you very high quality accessories for your business. We propose tissue paper, paper crim, stickers, …


Your go-to destination for high-quality hangers suitable for retail businesses. Say goodbye to cluttered stores and disorganized displays with MAINETTI and their diverse range of hangers in different sizes and finishes that promise to revolutionize your retail space.

What will be your choice?


Explore Century Box MAINETTI tailored packaging experience for personalized solutions reflecting your brand identity. Contact us to discuss your needs and create unique packaging with Mainetti.


Century Box MAINETTI provides a comprehensive selection of generic products with guaranteed quality, ensuring satisfaction with international delivery services.


Century Box MAINETTI offers customised products with guaranteed quality and international delivery, providing a broad selection to meet diverse needs effectively.