Century Box MAINETTI is firmly committed to the environment. As a company, we adopt eco-responsible practices at every level of our business. We are committed to minimising our impact on the planet. Our aim is clear: to create a sustainable future for generations to come.

Centurygreen Score

Exceptional durability (fully recycled, recyclable and/or reusable)

Very good durability (almost entirely recycled, almost recyclable and/or reusable)

Good durability (materials essentially recycled, partially or totally recyclable and/or reusable)

Moderate durability (materials partially recycled, partially recyclable and/or reusable)


We have now planted over 50,000 Trees in the Mainetti Global Forest! Today is the International Day of Forests, a time to raise awareness around the importance of the earth’s forests and what needs to be done to conserve them.

A partnership with "graine de vie"

Number of trees planted since 2021 thanks to Century Box MAINETTI and you

For more information on this ASBL, here is their annual report for 2022.

"graine de vie"

Among the initiatives undertaken by Century Box MAINETTI, we are proud to have entered into a partnership with the Belgian non-profit organisation Graine de Vie in 2021


In 2020, new projects were launched in Benin and Cameroon. There are also 25 new tree nurseries in Togo and partnerships with the political authorities in Madagascar to enable every child to plant a tree.


We have undertaken to provide financial support to this non-profit organisation with the aim of planting at least 12,000 trees every year. And now more than 36,000.

New vision

Century Box MAINETTI is concerned about the environment, not only in its daily choices of materials, production processes and supply chain

make an impact

When you make a purchase on our site, you now have the opportunity to plant trees! Your small gesture will have a direct impact on reforestation and the lives of local communities.