Smartflat drawer gift boxes

Century Box MAINETTI offers you SMARTFLAT drawer gift boxes delivered flat in two pieces. The Smartflat drawer gift box is very unique packaging. This box is definitely the luxury gift box par excellence. Delivered 100% flat, it nevertheless has all the features of an assembled drawer box. Its exclusive sleeve and tray system gives it a very different look and opening to other products on the market. This model is easily available in other formats, so you can adapt this drawer box model to your specific needs.


Description: Drawer gift box delivered flat in 2 pieces. Easy to assemble in just a few moments

Handles: possible if personalised box with at least 1000 units, with ribbon or cord

Materials: The generic model, available from Centuryprint and Centuryshop, is made of rigid, recycled 1200 g/m² cardboard covered with 140 g/m² laminated paper. Rigid or corrugated cardboard from 260 to 1800 gr/m², covered with the paper of your choice

Printing: offset, screen printing, embossing, hologram, hot foil, varnish, laser, digital…
Minimum quantity: 25 units in generic, 50 units with printing (Centuryprint), 1000 units for a Smartflat model.

What will be your choice?


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