The loop, the ecological box

Century Box MAINETTI introduces “The Loop,” its latest eco-friendly addition to the gift box lineup. This innovative rigid cardboard box features a unique closure system – a simple tab that securely seals the box without magnets, glue, or Velcro, ensuring strength comparable to traditional closures. “The Loop” is poised to succeed the Wonderbox, offering a sustainable luxury packaging solution, marking a significant leap in reducing ecological impact.


Description: Gift boxes with tab closure. 100% biodegradable and recyclable gift box
Handles: it is possible to add handles
Materials: 100% recycled 1200 g/m² cardboard, covered with the paper of your choice (FSC, 100% recycled, solution-dyed kraft, etc.)
Printing: Soya ink printing possible, offset, embossing, hologram, hot printing, flocking, varnish, printing inside the box, laser, embossing, etc.
Options: matt or gloss lamination, fabric covering, etc.


First of all, this packaging solution is entirely single-component, made from 100% recycled 1200g/m² cardboard, with a choice of cover paper:

100% recycled
solution-dyed kraft

With a range of over 500 possible papers for your projects, you’re bound to find the cover paper that’s right for you. What’s more, we can also offer you a vast choice of inks, including natural options. For example, you can opt for soy ink for both digital and Pantone printing.

We have removed all magnets to make our luxury gift boxes 100% biodegradable and recyclable. It is very important for us to continually develop environmentally responsible packaging solutions, so that we can continually offer you packaging solutions in line with your expectations.

What will be your choice?


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