This box is delivered already assembled and is mainly intended for thin products. Made of high quality cardboard and paper, this Hingbox magnet box carries your photos, books, documents, textiles, scarves, t-shirts safely.

Its low height has been designed to be easily combined with Postpack shipping boxes and to be mailed directly by the postal services of most countries (usually maximum height 3 cm). This makes the Hingebox a perfect companion for Eshop as well as for physical stores.

The box with magnetic closure is made of solid 100% recycled cardboard of 1200 gr/m² covered with a cover paper (inside and outside) of 140 gr/m² with or without lamination depending on the color. Its A5, A4 and A3 formats are very useful for your documents as well as for flat objects (t-shirt, sweater, accessories, jewelry, etc.).

  • Description: Thin and flat magnetic gift box, Hingbox
  • Handles: Not available in small quantities, but can be possible if 100% customized
  • Materials: rigid cardboard between 600 and 1800 g/m².
  • Possible printing techniques to personalize this product: offset, embossing, hologram, hot printing, digital printing, silk-screen printing



Many options exist to order the Hingbox, here are the different possibilities:


a. Centuryshop

Starting from 25 units, and without printing, you will be able to order your Hingboxes right now on our first online store. The great advantage of Centuryshop is that if you order your packaging today, you will receive it in less than 72 hours at home, anywhere in Europe. At Centuryshop, you will be able to choose from 6 different sizes, including the standard A4, A5 and A6 sizes. This packaging is also available in 3 colors, white, black and kraft.


b. Centuryprint

At Centuryprint you can order the personalized Hingbox magnet box very easily with just a few clicks. Our online and offline personalization software allows you to easily print your designs and logos on the magnet boxes. On Centuryprint you can order your packaging from 50 units, with delivery in less than 15 days. Moreover, the printing is done directly in Belgium, which avoids unnecessary travel of your packaging.


c. Centurybox

It is also possible to design your packaging 100% custom, however there are 2 major constraints that you must know. First of all, production times are often longer when you choose a 100% custom model. Secondly, we are not able to produce 100% customized Hingboxes for small quantities, for this reason we invite you to contact us directly to discuss your project.