Centuryprint’s kraft paper envelopes are particularly practical for mailings. This pouch is available in a range of formats, so you’re sure to find a size to suit you. 100% recyclable and biodegradable, the kraft paper from which this pouch is made is a very environmentally responsible manufacturing material. In fact, you can use it to transition your shipping packaging towards a more responsible solution. Only the closure of the pouch is made from a very thin strip of glue, the rest of the packaging is entirely single-component. Single-component packaging is much easier to recycle, and its actual recycling rate is higher than for traditional multi-component products.


Description: Shipping pouch made from very strong kraft paper. This packaging is a good solution for sending your products in the best possible conditions, while keeping an ecological commitment in mind. End customers are increasingly demanding that their favourite brands make a commitment, think and act against the misuse of polluting products.

Materials: very strong single-component kraft paper, 100% biodegradable and recyclable.

Printing techniques: You can personalise this pouch using very few techniques, as the paper is quite thin and may be damaged if we use printing techniques such as hot stamping or digital printing.

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