The Marmotte by CenturyBox is a multi-purpose transportable box that can carry all the equipment you need to take to a prospect’s home. Many things set the Marmotte apart from our other products. Unique in its kind, the Marmotte is sturdy, built to stand the test of time, practical, with numerous compartments included to offer as many uses as possible in a single product, and fully customizable with top-of-the-range materials that reveal refinement and elegance. Centurybox offers a wide range of gift boxes that you can personalize or not, thanks to our different webshops, Centuryprint and Centuryshop.


Description: Custom-built large boxes, with or without handles, depending on use. Choice of compartments and wedges

Materials: Wide choice of materials available.

Printing: Printing options linked to choice of materials.

Minimum quantity: Contact us by e-mail for your project!

What will be your choice?


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