Century Box MAINETTI offers you the opportunity to easily order ribbons to complete your packaging and give it a finishing touch. We provide a wide variety of ribbons, both in terms of materials and widths. You are guaranteed to find the ribbon that will delight both you and your customers. We offer you endless possibilities to create the perfect ribbon. This ribbon will immerse your customer even more in the world of your brand. Brand image is crucial in today’s era, and for this reason, we offer you the possibility to supply you with luxury ribbons.



Description: The ribbons we offer are highly diversified. Indeed, we provide a wide variety of materials and formats that can make up your ribbon. Delivered in rolls, these ribbons take up very little space. The ribbons are available in various widths, giving you the flexibility to use them as you wish. You can choose widths ranging from 8mm to 23mm for the models we offer in our online stores. We can also develop ribbons that are wider or narrower, depending on your needs. You can also customize your ribbon with just a few clicks.

Materials: The ribbon is available in various materials, with different options depending on the site you are on. On Centuryshop, we offer acetate ribbons, matte ribbon with cord, metallic effect ribbons, polyester ribbons, raffia ribbon, satin ribbon, and grosgrain ribbon. A wide variety is available, allowing you to choose the ribbon in the material of your choice. Centuryprint gives you the opportunity to personalize two types of ribbons, one in satin and one in grosgrain.

Printing: We offer you the easy option to customize your ribbons using Centuryprint. In just a few clicks, you will be able to personalize your ribbon rolls.

Minimum Quantity: Starting from 1000m of ribbon, we can develop a 100% personalized ribbon for you. Centuryshop and Centuryprint give you the option to order ribbon starting from 100 yards.

What will be your choice?


Explore Century Box MAINETTI’s tailored packaging experience for personalized solutions reflecting your brand identity. Contact us to discuss your needs and create unique packaging with Mainetti.


Century Box MAINETTI provides a comprehensive selection of generic products with guaranteed quality, ensuring satisfaction with international delivery services.


Century Box MAINETTI offers customised products with guaranteed quality and international delivery, providing a broad selection to meet diverse needs effectively.