Postpack shipping boxes

POSTPACK shipping boxes by Century Box MAINETTI offer both strength and elegance for postal items, ensuring optimal product delivery. With over 10 formats available, these boxes accommodate various luxury gift designs, promoting an eco-friendly solution with their kraft cardboard construction and glue-free sealing system.


Description: Kraft cardboard shipping boxes. Environmentally responsible packaging solution that can be used as a shipping box or gift box. This customisable mailing box is available in a range of materials and is extremely sturdy. This postal dispatch box is where strength meets elegance.

Handles : Possible, but not provided for on models available from stock.

Material: This mailing box is available in kraft cardboard, corrugated cardboard and plastic-coated cardboard on the generic models. You can opt for more original materials when you make your shipping box entirely to measure.

Printing: offset, screen printing, embossing, embossing, hologram, flock, hot foil, laser…

Minimum order quantity: 1,000 units For a 100% made-to-measure project, Centuryshop offers you the possibility of ordering shipping boxes in very small quantities. You can order from 50 units.


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