Centurybox group offers you the most sustainable paper pouch to date, the Ecopack pouch. This ecologically responsible kraft paper pouch is available in 2 versions: a model with a window and a simple model without a window. What’s more, this kraft paper pouch has a bottom gusset and side gussets. This packaging solution is made entirely of kraft paper (for the windowless model) and can therefore be recycled in its entirety, as well as being entirely biodegradable. For Centurybox, it’s important to continually develop new packaging solutions that are increasingly environmentally responsible.


Description : Kraft paper pouch with or without window. Paper pouch designed for direct food contact.

Materials: The generic windowless model available from Centuryshop is made from 100% biodegradable and recyclable kraft paper.

Printing: Possible in large quantities (more than 10,000 units, as these pouches are very delicate and the personalisation process is expensive).

Minimum quantity: 100 generic units without window and 100 units with window.

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