Century Box MAINETTI is committed to eco-friendly packaging solutions, including our range of reusable felt bags. These chic and durable bags cater to modern clientele while reducing environmental impact. Customize them to your liking with various options available. Contact us for more information on this stylish and environmentally responsible packaging choice.


Description: The reusable felt bag we offer is available in several colours and sizes. We offer a grey and a black model in a generic way, you can of course opt for the colour of your choice by developing your bag 100% made-to-measure. This model of reusable felt bag can come with side and bottom gussets. There are no flaps on top.

Handles: cut or flexible, short or long. Felt, PVC, PU, leather, cotton… many handle options are available.

Materials: The bag is made entirely of felt, with a thickness of 0.5 to 3 mm.

Printing: screen printing in 1 to 3 colours

Minimum quantity: 1,000 units for a fully customised model, from 50 units for a model with screen printing or without printing.

What will be your choice?


Explore Century Box’s tailored packaging experience for personalized solutions reflecting your brand identity. Contact us to discuss your needs and create unique packaging with Mainetti.


Century Box MAINETTI provides a comprehensive selection of generic products with guaranteed quality, ensuring satisfaction with international delivery services.


Century Box MAINETTI offers customised products with guaranteed quality and international delivery, providing a broad selection to meet diverse needs effectively.