customizable gift rolls

Century Box MAINETTI offers a wide selection of gift packaging for all types of products. However, traditionally, customizable gift wrap is the finishing touch to any gift you receive or give. By choosing personalized gift wrap, your customer can present their gift with your packaging, all while showcasing your product. You’ll notice that opting for personalized gift wrap can help build and enhance your brand’s image. Century Box MAINETTI has thought of everything!




Century Box MAINETTI presents premium customizable gift wrap, luxury personalized stationery from which you can make your selection. For year-end festivities or other occasions, explore our personalized gift wrap rolls! Discover our gift wraps with original patterns and typical Christmas colors. Request our catalog to receive the complete range of predefined generic patterns, and of course, you can also entirely design your custom pattern on gift wrap.

For a more rustic style and a touch of originality, indulge in our kraft paper rolls for wrapping your gifts. If you’re a florist, we also offer neutral or polka-dotted kraft gift wrap to enhance and protect your floral arrangements. Let your creativity flow—creative possibilities are endless!

Materials: Kraft or coated paper, ranging from 60 to 90 g/m² or polypropylene. Various textures can be applied to tissue paper to achieve the perfect finish.

Printing: Flexography or gravure printing with a 1 to 4 color logo imprint.

Minimum Quantity: 25 kg

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Explore Century Box MAINETTI’s tailored packaging experience for personalized solutions reflecting your brand identity. Contact us to discuss your needs and create unique packaging with Mainetti.


Century Box MAINETTI provides a comprehensive selection of generic products with guaranteed quality, ensuring satisfaction with international delivery services.


Century Box MAINETTI offers customised products with guaranteed quality and international delivery, providing a broad selection to meet diverse needs effectively.