The loop, the ecological box

Century Box MAINETTI introduces “The Loop,” its latest eco-friendly addition to the gift box lineup. This innovative rigid cardboard box features a unique closure system – a simple tab that securely seals the box without magnets, glue, or Velcro, ensuring strength comparable to traditional closures. “The Loop” is poised to succeed the Wonderbox, offering a sustainable luxury packaging solution, marking a significant leap in reducing ecological impact.


Description: Centurybox is proud to present its reusable cotton pouches. We offer them in a range of formats and colours at our different webshops, giving you plenty of creative freedom. The opaque cotton pouches are designed to hold jewellery and small objects, while the large pouches can hold shoes or a hat. They keep the surprise of the gift for those who open them. They close with a drawstring system.

  • Bottom: optional
  • Side gussets: optional

Handles: Handles can be added, or any other fastening system: cotton, rope, ribbon, zip, Velcro, press stud, etc.

Materials: natural cotton, bleached or dyed. In ordinary or organic cotton from 4oz to 16oz (110 to 450 g/m²). The generic models we offer are white, black and ecru.

Printing: screen printing, embroidery or transfer.

Minimum order quantity: 1,000 units for a fully personalised design. If you would like generic sleeves with or without printing, you can order as few as 50 units.

What will be your choice?


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