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Description: Gift boxes with magnetic closure
Handles: it is possible to add handles
Materials: thick, rigid cardboard between 600 and 1800 g/m², covered with the paper of your choice
Printing: offset, embossing, hologram, hot foil, flock, varnish, printing inside the box, laser, embossing, etc.
Options: matt or gloss lamination, fabric covering, etc.
Minimum quantity: 1,000 units

Order with personalisation (from 50 units, delivery in less than 15 days. Possibility of personalising with hot printing, digital printing and finally screen printing)
Order without personalisation (on Centuryshop, you will be able to order your generic packaging, without printing, from 25 units upwards).
You’ll notice that on our online shops, we wanted to bring together the classic Wonderboxes, the Arcobaleno Wonderboxes, and finally the Evoboxes)


This cardboard box with magnetic closure is perfect for all types of use: gift box, tasting basket, monthly subscription box, welcome pack, end of year gift box.

– The classic Wonderbox customisable magnetic box is consolidated with 4 adhesives. The papers available are kraft paper or laminated matte and/or glossy. Extremely strong and sturdy, this magnetic gift box can be used for many purposes.

– The Arco model is also consolidated with 4 adhesives. However, all the paper used to cover the box is solution-dyed kraft paper. This new box is therefore a more environmentally responsible packaging solution than the classic Wonderbox magnetic box.

In the Postpack category, you’ll find post boxes designed to protect your Wonderbox. In fact, we have developed a very wide range of shipping boxes, some of which have been designed to send the Wonderbox magnetic gift box in the best possible conditions.

What will be your choice?


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