Campana boxes

Centurybox presents the Campana, a customizable mountable gift box delivered flat in two parts for easy assembly. Crafted from flexible kraft cardboard, these boxes are both lightweight and strong, featuring an ingenious folding system and double-thick side walls for exceptional finish and closure. Available in various formats and colors, Campana boxes are the epitome of luxury packaging, providing ample space and strength for your precious items.


Description: Assembled gift boxes delivered flat and in two pieces. Very easy to assemble thanks to an innovative folding system.

Materials: light, flexible kraft cardboard, between 350 and 500 g/m². The box is easy to handle, strong and practical.

Printing: offset, embossing, varnish, flocking, holography, hot printing, screen printing, etc.

Options: matt or gloss lamination, fabric covering, etc.

Minimum quantity: 1,000 units for a fully customised folding campana box. For a generic model, you can order as few as 50 units.

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