Centurybox gives you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of metallized plastic pouches and kits. Practical, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing, the bubble pouches and shipping kits we offer in our online store are available in a wide choice of colors and formats. This plastic pouch is particularly practical for shipping, as it’s the most secure plastic shipping pouch on the market. In fact, this plastic shipping pouch is waterproof and resistant, so you can use it without hassle to ship your most delicate items.



The bubble mailer we offer is a practical luxury packaging accessory for carrying and sending your most exclusive products. You can choose to use it for hobby materials such as brushes, markers or pens. But above all, this pouch can be used to hold small jewels or other delicate objects.

The metallized bubble pouch is reusable over and over again, making it the perfect gift wrap.
Wondering where to find the best offer of opaque plastic shipping pouches with the best quality imaginable? On the various web to print online stores for packagig offered by Centurybox of course.

Description: Bubble envelopes with double-sided adhesive flap closure. The outside of the pouch is metallized, while the inside is a honeycomb plastic. These materials give a unique, luxurious effect to this packaging,

Materials: laminated and metallized bubble plastic

Printing: gravure printing

Minimum order quantity: 5,000 units for one model of this customized pouch. You can also order this pouch from 100 units without printing.

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