Tissue paper

Centurybox offers you many possibilities to order your personalized or generic tissue paper. This tissue paper can be ordered very easily with a few clicks in both cases. If you want a simple and generic tissue paper, we have a very large choice available directly from our stock.

Tissue paper rolls in sheets of 50 x 75 cm (+/- 3,500 sheets) or 100 x 75 cm (+/- 1,700 sheets). However, it is possible to make a special cut on request.

Designed to wrap your finest products. This ecologically responsible tissue paper is a real asset for your company by adding elegance and finesse. The tissue paper secures your products in a discreet way, you can wrap your products in it. This tissue paper can also be used as padding to fill your gift boxes and secure the products inside. Ensuring trouble-free delivery to your most valued customers.

Personalized or generic tissue paper will be appreciated by your customers when unboxing their favorite products from your store. The tissue paper, printed or not, will be recognized by your customers and will be a guarantee of quality. It is important for a company to develop its visual identity, this natural tissue paper will help you to increase the recognizability of your company.

  • Description: The tissue paper we offer on our online stores is available in 3 different sizes. A wide variety of colors are also available, the colored tissue paper we offer is FSC and PEFC certified.
    Materials: very strong single component kraft paper when generic, 100% biodegradable and recyclable.
    Printing techniques: You can customize this tissue paper with few techniques, as the paper is quite thin, it may get damaged if we use printing techniques such as hot stamping or digital printing. For this reason, we print exclusively in flexography on the silk paper, this gives you a great creative freedom.


A. Centuryshop

Centuryshop offers you the possibility to order colored tissue paper very easily and quickly. This packaging accessory is very practical to add the finishing touch to your packaging. Available in several sizes and colors, you can order tissue paper from 240 sheets.

B. Centuryprint

You can easily order personalized tissue paper in a few clicks on our web shop Centuryprint. You will have the possibility to choose the repetition, the spacing or the color of your logo printing on our white tissue paper.

C. Centurybox

We are able to meet your needs in 100% custom tissue paper, contact us to find out the conditions.