The Mercator Heavy Duty Shipping Box is a new extra strong shipping box design. This kraft box is even stronger than our current solid shipping box model. Compared to the shipping box models we already offer, this model is even more robust. It has one more folding side than the original model, ensuring a very strong closure. This package is large enough to store a wide variety of products, such as hats, flowers and voluminous clothing. This packaging combines practicality and elegance, while being robust. Indeed, you can use it to store a wide variety of products, while using it to send these items in the best possible conditions.  Moreover, by opting for this packaging, your customer will have a very successful unboxing experience. This article we published in the Centuryprint blog demonstrates that a successful unboxing experience creates a good brand image with the people who receive your packages.A package is often the only tangible point of contact between your brand and the customer, other than the product.  It is therefore important to make this experience a success in order to convey a good brand image. Description: Shipping box made of very strong kraft cardboard. This packaging is a […]
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Corrugated shipping boxes

Corrugated shipping boxes POST-PACK shipping boxes are designed for postal shipments. These cardboard boxes are very strong and elegant. Your customers will appreciate it because their products will be sent in the best possible conditions. Resistance and functionality are without a doubt the essential qualities of this type of box. Centurybox adds to this the aesthetic asset. We have developed a range of cardboard boxes with remarkable finishes and printing qualities, which will contribute to the success of your online sales. It is important for an online store to opt for shipping packaging that conveys its values. Packaging is one of the only tangible contact points between the online brand and its customer, so you can build customer loyalty by making this important step in the buying process a success. We developed the postpack shipping box with several objectives in mind. First of all, this box must be able to contain a very large variety of products, for this reason we propose more than 10 different formats. Secondly, we wanted to offer shipping boxes that could be used to hold our own luxury gift box designs. For this reason, we offer different postpack models designed to contain Wonderbox, Evobox or […]
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