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Les salons auquels Centurybox participe en 2019

  Dear customers, Dear visitors, Our best wishes for 2019! Thanks to you, 2018 was a year rich in projects and creation of new items. For 2019, we are preparing a VERY big project that we can not wait to unveil at the next trade fait “PaperWorld” in Frankfurt. Small clue, it is a “unique web solution” ! Here is the list of the exhibitions Centurybox Group will participate in this year 2019 PaperWorld @ Franfort, January 26-29 First Class (Fashio Week) @ Paris, from March 1st to 4th Pack & Spirits @ Reims, from April 3rd to 4th Packaging Premiere @ Milan, May 28th to 30th New Capsule Luxe Pack paris in Paris that will replace Pack & Gift (early June, date to come) Luxury Pack @ Monaco from September 30th to October 2nd First Class (Fashio Week) @ Paris (Early October, date to come) Looking forward to seeing you again or meeting you. Good to you all, The team of Centurybox Group.  
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We are very proud to cooperate closely with GZ MEDIA, wildening our production basis in Europe. GZ MEDIA is a world leader in media production and luxury packaging.
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The new reusable bag 2016 by Centurybox: “Spark”

We are very proud to present this new material and discovery in terms of packaging: reusable bags “Spark”. This is a nonwoven fabric entirely aluminized by a new material that provides gloss and stiffness it. The effect is really fashionable, and your brand, your logo, your visual presence on the street and / or fairs will be even better. Here are several examples of application that will give birth to a new generation of reusable bags at prices quite reasonable. Do not hesitate to contact us for a quote in return:  
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