Customizable gift wrap

Centurybox offers a wide selection of gift packaging of all types. But traditionally the customizable gift wrap is the finishing touch to any gift you receive or give. By opting for a personalized gift wrap your customer can offer his gift with your gift wrap, while containing your product. So you see, opting for personalized gift wrap can help build and enhance your brand image. Century Box has thought of everything!”

We provide our clientele with large custom gift wrap rollers at discounted prices that allow you to wrap gifts for all your customers. Choose from all of our generic designs and colors that we offer, the one that suits you. But of course you can also create your own custom gift wrap in your brand’s colors. You can then personalize your gifts even more by adding stickers, decorative ribbons or even paper curls. Marry your large gift rolls with matching personalized ribbon for a successful result.

Features of customizable gift wrap

Centurybox presents high-end customizable gift wrap ,luxury customizable stationery for you to choose from. For the holiday season or for other occasions, find our personalized gift rolls! Discover our original gift paper and with thypical christmas colors. Ask for our catalog to receive all the predefined generic patterns, you can of course also design your own personalized pattern on gift paper.

For a more raw style and a touch of originality, let yourself be tempted by our rolls of kraft paper to wrap your presents. If you are a florist, we also offer plain or feathered kraft gift wrap to enhance and protect your floral arrangements. Let your creativity speak for itself, the creative possibilities are endless!

  • Materials: kraft or coated paper, from 60 to 90 g/m² or polypropylene. Several textures can be given to the silk paper to obtain the perfect rendering.
  • Printing: flexography or rotogravure with your logo printed in 1 to 4 colors.
  • Minimum quantity : 25 kg



Centuryprint offers you the option of a number of different packaging accessories. For example, you can order customizable tissue paper, printed ribbon or stickers and otherwise several types of cushioning for your products in just a few clicks. These different customizable packaging accessories can be printed in small quantities, and delivery is also very fast.


You can order a wide variety of unprinted gift accessories in our Centuryshop. For example, we offer generic ribbon, tissue paper, stickers and various types of cushioning. However, we also have gift wrap that you can order, we present several types of gift wrap with different designs. You will find for example polka dot gift wrap, kraft gift wrap or textured gift wrap.


Contact us to design your own fully customized gift wrap.

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