Triangular boxes

The triangular cardboard gift box is both practical and very decorative! A triangular gift box is a trendy packaging solution in 2022. Buy here the small triangular decoration cardboard box that you need. It is available in different shapes to meet all your ideas and decorative desires, we can also create your own custom triangular box model. Make your choice among all the luxury packaging products offered by Centurybox!


The deluxe triangular cardboard box can hold a wide variety of products. This type of cardboard box can be declined in different sizes and dimensions according to your desires and needs. You will find in this category triangular cardboard boxes, a very atypical box format. Indeed, instead of being triangular, traditionally a box is cubic or rectangular parallelepiped or round. Our quality cardboard boxes are all different and can be used for multiple projects. You will find many uses for your triangular box, such as jewelry storage. Centurybox also offers other original box shapes, such as nesting boxes. Indeed, thanks to our expertise of more than 30 years, we have developed skills allowing us to offer a wide variety of cardboard boxes.


Buying and decorating a cardboard box is one of the most affordable hobbies. Indeed, everyone can add his personal touch on a nice solid box. But for this, it is important for your brand to offer a qualitative packaging. If this is the case, your customers will reuse your gift boxes for crafts or in other occasions. Several decorations can be imagined to personalize your triangular boxes. At Centurybox, we offer you the possibility to print your logo of choice, to opt for ecologically responsible kraft cardboard or to add a handle to your cardboard box.

This original and playful shape of our triangular cardboard gift box is ideal for little hands. Need more ideas for decorating or personalizing your triangular cardboard gift box? Check out our creative ideas such as our tips and trends in packaging in 2022. Then discover also our triangular cardboard boxes to make a remarkable packaging for your company and brand.


Treat yourself and your customers today with our cheap and luxurious Triangular Gift Box selection! Don’t miss to discover all the extent of our offer. If you are looking for a site that guides you, advises you on your purchase of cheap triangular gift boxes, presents you with the latest trends while guaranteeing you a price that rhymes with discounts and good deals, you couldn’t be better off! Because Centurybox, leader of the e-commerce of luxury packaging in France and Belgium offers daily promotions on the best sales and latest customer favorites in triangular gift box.

You will find without any problem your happiness, savings and smile guaranteed! A wide variety of major brands and luxury houses trust us by opting for our triangular gift boxes. We are constantly offering new luxury packaging and other novelties as well as better prices on your favorite items in small quantities. Without forgetting the great satisfaction of our customers, there are many arguments why you should choose to order your personalized triangular box from Centurybox. If you ever have any doubts, compare our Triangular Gift Box offer, you will not have any more!


  • Description: Triangular cardboard gift box.  Centurybox offers you the possibility to order a large triangular gift box in rigid cardboard, but you can also order a small triangular box, a large variety of dimensions is possible.
  • Materials: Rigid cardboard from 800 to 1800 g/m².
  • Printing: offset printing, silk-screening, embossing, hologram, flocking, hot printing, varnishing, laser …
  • Options: matte or glossy lamination, fabric covering, wedging, handle …
  • Minimum quantity: From 1 000 units we can develop a model of triangular gift box entirely customized for your business.




Centuryprint offers you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of customizable rigid cardboard boxes. Indeed, these sturdy boxes remain elegant, they are perfect for luxury boutiques. A triangular gift box can hold a variety of items, for example you can use it to hold a hat or a cake, but you can also use it for perfume or candles. Many uses can be found for this gift box. You can order a wide variety of personalized cardboard gift boxes in very small quantities and with delivery in just a few days.


Centuryshop also offers several models of rigid gift boxes to be ordered in very small quantities and with delivery in only a few days. We present several models of very solid and voluminous cardboard gift boxes, unfortunately there is no model of triangular gift box yet.


Centurybox offers you the possibility to create your own custom gift box. Contact us to develop your own personalized packaging, you can add the personal touches you want.

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