Centurybox offers a wide range of reusable bags in all types of materials. Indeed, we offer several models of reusable bags in fabric on our different online packaging platforms. We propose you these different models of reusable bags to accompany you in the best way in the ecological transition of your packaging by making it more ecologically responsible.

CROSSFLEX polyethylene reusable bags are made with a special fabric. They are made of woven polyethylene strips. The lamination of the bag can be either glossy or matte. This model is extremely strong and durable. The weave is a bit irregular, providing an original touch. Centurybox allows you to customize this model or create a 100% custom one.

A luxury reusable plastic bag

The reusable plastic bags we offer are luxury packaging solutions for any type of store. Indeed, our bags are very resistant and solid, while remaining light and malleable. They leave you a great deal of freedom in the potential uses of this bag. Then, it can be used for example to contain bulky clothes or food products. The advantage of offering reusable packaging solutions in polyethylene is that we opt for very thick bags for reuse. We don’t want to produce traditional plastic supermarket bags that are very polluting and not reusable at all. The polyethylene bag that we offer is very easy to reuse, and by putting your logo on it, your customers will be able to proudly promote your brand by using your unique reusable bag.

  • Description : Reusable polyethylene (PE) bag
    Bottom : Possible
    Top flaps : Yes
    Side gussets : Possible
  • Handles : Cut or normal handles, short or long. Nylon handles, tube, tape …
  • Materials : Polyethylene (PE) between 120 to 180 g/m².
  • Printing: rotogravure
  • Minimum quantity: 1 000 units

Polythene reusable bags