Non woven recycle bags

Centurybox offers a wide variety of luxury reusable bags on its several online stores. Indeed, we offer bags in many different styles and sizes. 2 different styles of non-woven bags are presented on our webshops, a DKT model and a LUS model. The DKT non-woven bag model has the particularity of having the handles cut out, which makes it very practical. The LUS TNT bag also has its particularity which is to have straps handles.

A textile or non-woven fabric is a textile whose fibers are randomly arranged at the time of its manufacture. These textiles are often classified according to their field of application or their technical characteristics. Its oldest form seems to be felt, we also present several models of reusable felt bags on our different webshops.

Reusable bags made of non-woven fabric are 100% recyclable and therefore environmentally responsible packaging. These bags are very durable and stylish, your customers will be able to use these solid paper bags very easily over and over again. They are very suitable for multiple uses. Centurybox offers a multitude of accessories and finishing options to make the reusable non-woven bag.

Offering reusable non-woven bags allows us to offer environmentally responsible packaging solutions to our partners. Indeed, traditionally, the bags that brands use are not very strong and have a single use, after which the bag very often ends up in the trash. This non-woven fabric bag that we offer is very strong and in addition it is made of 100% biodegradable fabric, which makes this bag very easily recyclable.

Characteristics of the non-woven bag

We offer an additional model of non-woven bottle bag. Indeed, this bag has been developed only with the purpose to contain bottles of wine, beer or any other bottle. This bag for bottles is available in 2 generic sizes, there is a model for 4 bottles and a model for 6 bottles.

  • Description: Reusable bag made of non-woven fabric (TNT) welded. Several generic models are available in our stock, you can also fully customize your non-woven bag. 3 generic models are available in our webshops. First of all there is the DKT non-woven bag, with its cut-out handles. Then we have the LUS non-woven bag, with its long handles, and finally there is also the TNT bottle bag, which was designed to be able to carry and store your most beautiful bottles. This reusable bottle bag is available in 2 sizes, one for 4 bottles and another for 6 bottles. Many possibilities are offered to develop the non-woven fabric bag to meet all your needs.
    • Bottom : Possible
    • Top flaps : No
    • Side gussets : Possible
  • Handles: cut-out handles (DKT) or flexible handles (LUS), short or long.
  • Materials: non-woven polypropylene from 70 to 90 g/m². A 100% biodegradable fabric, making this packaging environmentally responsible.
  • Printing: silk-screening, metallic colors possible. Screen printing on a non-woven fabric offers you an infinite number of possibilities in your creative process.
  • Minimum quantity: 5,000 units for a fully customized model. However, thanks to our webshops, you will be able to order your non-woven bags in very small quantities, starting at 100 units. It is also possible to personalize these bags in only a few days thanks to the proximity of our printing workshops.

Order your reusable non-woven bag.

A. Centuryprint

Centuryprint offers you the possibility to order 3 different models of reusable non-woven bags. We offer you the DKT, LUS and bottle non-woven bag. These different models are customizable in just a few clicks thanks to our customization module. This non-woven fabric is easily printable with a large choice of colors. To satisfy the maximum matching of your colors with those of the bag, the model is available in several colors (black, white, fuchsia, brown, blue, etc.) In addition to being elegant, it is also practical and resistant. It promotes the image of a strong and environmentally conscious brand. To be used as well during fairs, events, conferences, screen printing offers you the possibility to immerse your customers in your universe.

B. Centuryshop

Centuryshop also offers several models of non-woven bags. The same models as on Centuryprint are offered, except that they are generic, i.e. without printing. You can choose from several types of reusable non-woven bags.

C. Centurybox

Centurybox can also offer you to develop your own non-woven fabric bag. Contact us to discover all the possibilities.

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