Non woven polypropylene bags

CROSSOFT non-woven laminated polypropylene bags are reusable bags offering an excellent visual. They are part of an eco-responsible approach to sustainable development and respect for the environment thanks to their quality and strength. Indeed, these reusable bags guarantee a long lasting use.

You can customize them as you wish. It is a promotional bag model that will convey your brand image in a flattering way. These customizable bags are flexible and made of pressed polypropylene fibers, which gives them a trendy look. This fabric-like fiber offers a more elegant interior aesthetic while ensuring the bag is very durable.

These bags provide a promotional function because you can fully customize them with your brand image by inserting your logo, your colors, your website, etc.. It will also delight your customers thanks to its practicality and its solidity.

Centurybox also offers other types of reusable bags such as cottons bags, non-woven bags and felt bags.

  • Description: Reusable bag made of laminated TNT
    • Bottom : Yes
    • Top flaps : Yes
    • Side gussets : Yes
  •  Handles: Non-woven polypropylene, nylon or rope. Cut or flexible handles, short or long.
  • Materials: Non-woven polypropylene (TNT) laminated from 90 to 120 g/m². In white or color.
  • Printing: rotogravure, matte or glossy lamination
  • Minimum quantity: 1 000 units




Centuryprint does not offer the CROSSOFT bag on its e-shop. However, you will find a wide range of reusable and eco-responsible bags that you can customize in a few clicks thanks to the super easy to use online program.


The CROSSOFT bag is not available on Centuryshop. However, you can find a multitude of generic reusable bag models such as cotton bags, CROSSPLAST bags with or without pockets, neutral or colored totes bags or even felt bags.


Centurybox offers you the possibility to create your own custom reusable bag. Contact us to develop your own personalized packaging, you can add the personal touches you want.



Sacs polypropylène non tissé pelliculé