Non-woven gift bags

Centurybox offers a wide variety of luxury pouches on its different online stores. Indeed, we propose a number of non-woven fabric pouches that can be used as luxury packaging for your brand. We offer non-woven fabric pouches in several different styles and sizes. Some models have handles, while others do not.

Our flagship model is the Nora non-woven bag with handles and straps for closure. This feature makes this pouch practical, you can safely use it as a fabric pouch to hold your most delicate products.

The non-woven fabric pouch is a sustainable and recyclable packaging solution. Thanks to the durable materials we use, your customers will be able to reuse their non-woven pouches many times over.

This non-woven fabric pouch model also comes in a variety with a button closure. These designs are very similar but there is one main difference. We offer a non-woven fabric pouch model with closure straps, and a non-woven fabric pouch model with a snap closure.  This snap closure model is not customizable in small quantities unfortunately.

  • Description: Non-woven fabric pouch with a purse-like closure, or with a snap closure. This pouch can hold bulky products without any problem, it is strong and resistant, while remaining a luxury pouch.
    • Bottom : no
    • Side gussets : no
  • Handles: Purse type closure with non-woven polypropylene strap or ribbon. It is also possible to opt for another type of closure: zipper, snaps, velcro …
  • Material: TNT, 70 to 100 g/m², in 40 standard colors.
  • Printing: silk-screen printing in 1 or more colors. Metallic colors are also possible.
  • Minimum quantity: 1,000 units for a fully customized model, sleeves can be purchased from 100 units without printing.

Order your non-woven fabric pouch.

A. Centuryprint

You can order in just a few clicks your personalized non-woven fabric pouch from 50 units. These non-woven pouches come with a cord closure that seals the container. The Nora TNT pouch can be personalized with 1 or 2 color screen printing.

B. Centuryshop

Centuryshop offers you an easy way to order the non-woven pouches on its online store. Indeed, you can choose either the model with the strap closure or the model with the snap closure. These 2 models of non-woven fabric pouches are available without printing, from 50 units, the delivery is carried out in only a few days.

C. Centurybox

Centurybox can develop for you fully customized fabric pouches, you can adapt it as much as you want. The only constraint to develop your custom pouch is to start with 1000 units minimum.

Pochettes tissu non-tissé