Metallized envelopes

Centurybox offers a wide variety of gift bags that you can order in small quantities for generic models, but that you can also fully customize from 3000 units. You will find a wide variety of plastic gift bags on our different online sales platforms. We offer for example a model of metallic plastic pouch with bubbles or a model of opaque plastic pouch. Many packaging solutions are possible.

We suggest you these aluminum plastic shipping pouches particularly practical for mailings. Indeed, this pouch is available in different sizes, to ensure you find a size that suits you.

Only the closure of the pouch is made of a very thin strip of glue, for the rest this packaging is entirely made of aluminum. Single component packaging is much more easily recyclable, and its actual recycling rate is higher than for traditional multi-component products.

  • Description: Aluminum envelopes with flap and adhesive closure
  • Material: 35 micron aluminized low density polyethylene (LDPE)*
  • Printing: flexogravure
  • Minimum quantity: 3 000 units

Order a metallized aluminum pouch

A. Centuryprint

Our customizable plastic shipping pouches are available on Centuryprint starting at 50 units. In fact, this Eshop pouch, can be very well suited to hold a variety of items. We do not offer a customizable metallic pouch on Centuryprint, but a wide variety of shipping packaging is available to hold your products.

B. Centuryshop

Centuryshop offers several packaging solutions in the category of metallized pouches, there is for example a model of opaque bubble pouch that we offer on Centuryshop. We also offer transparent and opaque plastic pouches, a wide variety of plastic pouches is offered. There is also a model of metallized Aluminum pouch that we offer, you can order them from 100 units without printing.

C. Centurybox

Contact us to develop your own custom aluminum gift bag, from 1000 units.

Enveloppes aluminium