Centurybox provides a wide variety of luxury paper bags on its various online stores. In fact, we offer bags in many different styles and sizes.

The most classic paper bag we offer is the Noblesse paper bag. This one is available in a generic and customizable way, you will be able to order it very easily in just a few clicks.

The Noblesse paper bags are packaging made of 100% kraft paper or coated paper. These bags are very resistant, your customers will be able to use these solid paper bags very easily on several occasions. Centurybox offers a multitude of accessories and finishing options to help you create the paper bag of your dreams.

By offering paper bags, we are able to offer environmentally responsible packaging solutions to our partners. Traditionally, the paper bags that our customers use are not very strong and have a single use, after which the bag often ends up in the trash. This bag is very solid and in addition it is made of kraft paper for certain models, which makes this bag very easily recyclable.


This paper bag is therefore a very interesting packaging solution for your brand, your customers will appreciate it. Moreover, the Noblesse paper bag can help you to highlight your products, its simplicity offers you the possibility to emphasize your product.

  • Description: Noblesse luxury paper bags available in kraft paper and coated paper. Noblesse paper bags are available in generic in many different shapes and materials. Some are made of 150 g/m² kraft paper, others have higher or lower grammages. The bag has its top edges lined for extra strength. The bottom is also reinforced and glued. A wide variety of generic noble paper bags are offered on Centuryshop and Centuryprint, you can of course also customize yours completely.
  • Handles: This bag has rope or ribbon handles, you can choose what you prefer.
  • Materials: The noblesse paper bag is available in a wide variety of materials. Several types of paper can be used, depending on your needs and desires.
  • Printing: offset, embossing, hologram, hot printing, flocking, varnish, printing inside the box, laser, embossing …
  • Options: matte or glossy lamination, fabric overlay, you can fully customize this model of paper bag or only opt for the printed bag or even without printing …
  • Minimum quantity: 1 000 units for a fully customized model, you can order this bag from 50 units with or without printing on Centuryprint and Centuryshop.


A. Centuryprint

Centuryprint offers you a very large range of paper bags for personalization on its online store. Indeed, you have the choice among more than 4 models of paper bags, all different. The Noblesse paper bag, the most luxurious paper bag we offer, is declined in 2 different models, a model made of kraft paper and a model made of coated paper.

The Noblesse bag is available in more than 15 formats, you can personalize them thanks to the Offset printing and the silk-screen printing. By putting your logo on this paper bag, you can easily immerse your customer in the world of your brand.

B. Centuryshop

Centuryshop also offers a wide range of luxury paper bags. Many different materials are used, the paper can be plasticized or not. You will have the pleasure to choose the luxury unprinted paper bag of your dreams.

C. Centurybox

Centurybox is proud to provide you with the opportunity to develop your own custom paper bag. Indeed, thanks to our 30 years of expertise, we are able to produce on your request a fully customized noble paper bag. Contact us to start developing your project now.

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