Centuryprint presents its kraft paper pouches, which are particularly practical for mailings. Indeed, this pouch is available in different sizes, in order to guarantee you to find a dimension that suits you.

100% recyclable and biodegradable, the kraft paper of which this pouch is composed, is a very environmentally responsible manufacturing material. Indeed, you can use it to switch your shipping packaging to a more responsible solution.

Only the closure of the pouch is composed of a very thin strip of glue, otherwise this packaging is completely monocomponent. Single component packaging is much more easily recyclable, and its actual recycling rate is higher than for traditional multi-component products.

  • Description: Very strong kraft paper shipping pouch. This packaging is a good solution to send your products in the best possible conditions, while keeping the ecological commitment in mind. End customers are more and more demanding to see their favorite brands commit, think and act against the misuse of polluting products.
  • Materials: very strong monocomponent kraft paper, 100% biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Printing techniques: You can customize this pouch with few techniques, the paper being quite thin, it may be damaged if we use printing techniques such as hot stamping or digital printing.


A. Centuryprint

Centuryprint does not offer you to order the kraft paper shipping pouch, but we do offer 2 other quite similar pouch models. On the one hand, you will find the Noblesse paper pouch, a customizable paper pouch. And on the other hand, we offer shipping pouches, but made of plastic.

B. Centuryshop

Centuryshop offers you many different shipping pouches, some made of paper, and one made of plastic. The kraft paper shipping pouch is available for purchase from 100 units, there are 2 different sizes. The large size is the same as the picture on the right, there is a bottom gusset and side gussets.

C. Centurybox

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