Centurybox offers a wide range of packaging of all types. Indeed, we propose several models of reusable fabric bags on our different online packaging platforms. We also offer paper and plastic bags, but we mainly offer gift boxes of all types. We offer you these different models of ecologically responsible gift packaging. This is to accompany you in the best possible way in the ecological transition of your packaging by making it more ecologically responsible.

Centurybox helps you to design the wedges that will allow you to place your products precisely inside their packaging. It also allows you to protect them in an efficient way. These solutions, entirely custom-made, will guarantee an exceptional finish.

The cushioning we offer can be made in any shape you wish, and we can respond to any request for a specific cushioning. The creative possibilities are endless when using our cushioning, you can for example create a specific cushioning for your custom-made packaging. Or you can develop a cushion to hold your most beautiful candles, your perfume bottles or your wine bottles.

Many options are available:

  • Cardboard cut-outs
  • Foam cushioning of various qualities and textures
  • Thermoformed cushioning (molded to the exact shape of your product)
  • Filling materials (tissue paper, sizzle pack, straw ….)



Centuryprint offers many packaging solutions that you can personalize in small quantities through our online personalization module. We offer several types of cushioning that you can use to make compartments in your packaging or to secure certain products that could otherwise move inside the gift boxes. For example, we offer cushioning for the Bottlebox 3 bottles or a foam model for Hingbox and card holder box. You can also opt for the paper crimp to secure your products more firmly in the personalized shipping boxes.


We offer a wide variety of different types of cushioning for many different situations. Four types of cushioning are offered on the platform, we offer an A4 plastic cushioning for food contact and divided into several compartments, a foam cushioning for the card box, the cushioning for the 3 bottles, and finally the paper curl. These different types of cushioning are provided for several of the gift boxes we have developed, you can use them in many conditions.


We can of course develop your own custom-made padding for your specific project. We have developed many skills to offer you and your customers your own custom-made packaging.