This very original packaging mixes the shape of a bag with the practicality of a box. Indeed, this packaging looks very much like a classic paper bag. It is fitted with handles, a bottom gusset and side gussets. This box with handles is a very particular packaging solution; it will delight your customers with great ease.

This packaging has been entirely custom designed to meet the packaging needs of the brand. In this case, we have developed this packaging to contain cosmetic products, but it can easily be adapted to contain other types of products. For example, it can be adapted to contain clothes, books or fashion accessories.

  • Description: Gift box with a very unique closure, this box is quite similar to a bag. It has handles, and seen from the front, this box looks like a classic safari paper bag.
  • Handles: This packaging has basic handles, this is one of the reasons why this gift box is so special.
  • Materials: Thick and rigid cardboard between 600 and 1800 g/m², covered with the paper of your choice, the handles are twisted and glued inside.
  • Printing: offset, embossing, hologram, hot stamping, flocking, varnishing, printing inside the box, laser, embossing … A wide variety of printing techniques can be used to personalize this packaging.
  • Options: matte or glossy lamination, fabric covering …
  • Minimum quantity: 1 000 units minimum.


a. Centuryprint

At Centuryprint we do not yet offer this model. However, we do offer beautiful luxury gift boxes, as well as ecologically responsible, yet very luxurious and trendy paper bags.

b. Centuryshop

At Centuryshop, we don’t offer Cliff Box gift boxes, but we do have another model of gift box with handles. This model is quite similar, the main difference is the position of the handles.

c. Centurybox

Centurybox offers you the possibility to order your 100% custom-made packaging very easily. Contact us via this form, one of our staff member will get back to you shortly to discuss your project.