Foldable shopping bag

Centurybox offers a wide range of luxury reusable bags, some of which are foldable on themselves. Indeed, we have developed several models of reusable fabric bags that can be folded on themselves. This foldable bag is an environmentally responsible packaging solution for several reasons.

First of all, since this bag folds on itself, it takes up very little space during transportation. In addition, the material we use to make this packaging is fully recyclable and reusable, your customers can proudly wear your colors.

We present a wide variety of customizable reusable bags, there are several models of cotton bags, jeans bags or even felt bags.

  • Description: Foldable pouch/bag in non-woven fabric
    • Bottom : Yes
    • Inside flaps : Yes
    • Side gussets : Yes
  • Handles: TNT
  • Materials: TNT from 70 to 120 g/m², in 40 standard colors.
  • Printing: silk-screen printing in 1 or more colors.
  • Minimum quantity: 1 000 units

Order a foldable reusable bag

Contact us directly to design your own reusable foldable bag. We already create custom reusable bags on our different webshops, but we don’t have a fully foldable model yet.

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