Flat handles paper carrier bags

Centurybox offers a wide variety of luxury paper bags on its web-stores. Indeed, we offer a number of paper bags that can be used as generic luxury packaging. We offer paper bags in many different styles and sizes.

The kraft paper bag with flat handles is a timeless model that will fulfill its number one task: to offer you a strong and functional bag with the graphics of your store, brands or events. It is possible to print the bag in 1 or 2 colors by flexogravure. This printing technique is perfect for logos and stylized designs, but is not compatible for printing a photography.

Thanks to our easy to use online personalization tool, you can upload your logo in PDF or EPS format, position it on the sides of the bag, and add text or information very simply.

The kraft paper box bag is an ecologically responsible packaging solution. Indeed, the bag is composed entirely of a single material, kraft paper. Thanks to this, the kraft paper box bag can be easily recycled and is also 100% biodegradable. This kraft paper bag has a large base and can be used in many conditions.

This packaging is available in a variety of sizes and colors, you will certainly find the kraft paper bag of your dreams. This paper bag model is a timeless and yet trendy model.

  • Description: Biodegradable and fully recyclable kraft paper bag with flat handles and a very wide base. Indeed, this paper bag can contain many items without any problem thanks to its wide base.
    • Bottom : Yes
    • Top flaps : no
    • Side gussets : Yes
  • Handles: Flat paper handles glued to the insid
  • Materials: kraft paper or coated paper, from 80 to 130 g/m² 100% biodegradable and recyclable.
  • Printing : flexogravure, varnish.
  • Options: matte or glossy lamination, printing inside the bag, printing on gussets, stickers.
  • Minimum quantity: 3,000 units for a fully customized kraft paper bag with flat handles, from 500 units for a model with or without printing.

Order a kraft paper box bag with flat handles and a large bottom.

A. Centuryprint

You can order a wide variety of customized kraft paper bags from our Centuryprint webshop. Indeed, we offer several models of personalized paper bags. The Box bag is available in 1 customizable size, you can print it thanks to screen printing.

B. Centuryshop

Centuryshop gives you the possibility to order your own kraft paper bags with flat handles from 500 units. We offer several models of kraft paper bags with flat handles and a large bottom.

C. Centurybox

Contact us directly to find out how you can customize your own kraft box bag.

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