Centurybox group presents the most durable paper pouch to date, the Ecopack pouch. This ecologically responsible kraft paper pouch is available in 2 versions, on the one hand we have a model with window and on the other hand, a simple model without window. Moreover, this kraft paper pouch is equipped with a bottom gusset and side gussets.

This packaging solution is made entirely of kraft paper (for the model without window) and can therefore be recycled in its entirety, it is also fully biodegradable. For Centurybox, it is important to constantly develop new packaging solutions that are more and more environmentally responsible.

The Ecopack paper pouch meets all standards related to direct contact with food products. Indeed, you can use it to contain a wide variety of edible products directly. This pouch has already been used by brands to contain cookies, candies, flour or tea. This pouch is very strong, it resists without problems to heavier loads.

  • Description: Kraft paper pouch with or without window. Paper pouch designed for direct food contact.
  • Materials: The generic model without window available on Centuryshop, is made of 100% biodegradable and recyclable kraft paper.
  • Printing: Possible in large quantities (more than 10,000 units, as these pouches are very delicate and the personalization process is expensive)
  • Minimum quantity: 100 units in generic without window and 100 units with window.



Centuryprint does not offer Ecopack paper pouches in its online store, but we do offer other types of paper pouches. On Centuryprint, you will have the possibility to personalize your paper sleeve very easily and in very small quantities.


Centuryshop offers you to order the ecologically responsible kraft paper pouch from 100 units for the 2 different models (with or without window).

C. Centurybox

Centurybox proposes you to order your kraft paper pouch entirely personalized from 1000 units.