Corrugated shipping boxes

POST-PACK shipping boxes are designed for postal shipments. These cardboard boxes are very strong and elegant. Your customers will appreciate it because their products will be sent in the best possible conditions.

Resistance and functionality are without a doubt the essential qualities of this type of box. Centurybox adds to this the aesthetic asset. We have developed a range of cardboard boxes with remarkable finishes and printing qualities, which will contribute to the success of your online sales. It is important for an online store to opt for shipping packaging that conveys its values. Packaging is one of the only tangible contact points between the online brand and its customer, so you can build customer loyalty by making this important step in the buying process a success.

We developed the postpack shipping box with several objectives in mind. First of all, this box must be able to contain a very large variety of products, for this reason we propose more than 10 different formats. Secondly, we wanted to offer shipping boxes that could be used to hold our own luxury gift box designs. For this reason, we offer different postpack models designed to contain Wonderbox, Evobox or Hingbox. Some of our Postpacks are as low as 3CM in height so that they can perfectly contain the appropriate Hingbox. This is a great packaging package for a brand looking to provide a memorable unboxing experience for their customers.

The Postpack shipping box is also an environmentally responsible shipping solution, we offer several models made of kraft cardboard. Its ingenious folding system allows it to be sealed without the use of glue or magnets. This shipping packaging is therefore an ecologically responsible and easily biodegradable packaging solution.

  • Description: Kraft cardboard shipping boxes. Environmentally responsible packaging solution that can be used as a shipping box or gift box. This customizable shipping box is available in several materials and is very strong. This postal shipping box is the meeting of strength and elegance.
    Handles: Possible, but not provided on available stock models.
    Material: This mailing box is available in kraft cardboard, corrugated cardboard, laminated cardboard on generic models. You can opt for more original materials when you make your shipping box completely custom.
    Printing: offset, silk-screen printing, embossing, hologram, flocking, hot stamping, laser…
    Minimum quantity: 1,000 units for a 100% custom project, Centuryshop offers you the possibility to order shipping boxes in very small quantities. You can order from 50 units.


A. Centuryshop

Centuryshop offers you the possibility to order your cardboard shipping box very easily. Indeed, you can order your gift boxes in just a few clicks, the site is very easy to use. Moreover, the Postpacks are available from 50 units, the delivery is done in a few days.

B. Centuryprint

You can also order your personalized shipping box very easily. With just a few clicks you can order your customized shipping box from 50 units and with different printing techniques. Hot stamping, digital printing and screen printing are the different techniques available to personalize your shipping box.  We offer 3 different types of shipping boxes.

First of all there is the classic kraft shipping box, this single component kraft paper package is very resistant and elegant. Very easily recyclable and biodegradable, this environmentally responsible shipping box is a very trendy shipping package.

Next, we present the extra strong kraft shipping boxes. These boxes are made of kraft cardboard on the outside, the inside is white. This shipping box is the strongest model that we currently offer, several sizes are available.

Finally we also offer several models of laminated shipping boxes. These models are available in a wide variety of colors, we regularly add new colors. A wide variety of plastic shipping boxes are available for personalization.

C. Centurybox

Centurybox offers to fully customize your shipping boxes from 1000 units, contact us directly to create your ideal shipping packaging.

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