The classic Wonderbox magnetic box is now also available in a model with a window, the Clearbox. Indeed, this model is innovative and offers you the possibility to highlight your product even more. You will be able to easily put it forward in this packaging thanks to the window on the top side.

The Clearbox magnetic gift box is delivered flat, which saves space during shipping. The assembly of this box is very easy, a quick system without glue has been set up. You can easily close this box thanks to a double flap with velcro, the same system we developed for our Evobox.

  • Description: Velcro closure gift boxes with a window to see the product inside.
  • Handles: not provided
  • Materials: rigid cardboard between 600 and 1800 g/m², window in
  • Printing: digital printing, hot printing, silk-screen printing…
  • Options: matte or glossy lamination, fabric covering…

The dimensions of the windows of the models that we sell on our online stores (dimensions in cm):

For the 15x15x5 : 10×10

For the 22x11x10: 17×6

For the 22x22x10: 17×17

For the 22x33x10: 28×16


a. Centuryshop

Thanks to Centuryshop, you will be able to order 4 different generic sizes from 25 units. By placing your order via Centuryshop, you will be delivered within 72 hours anywhere in Europe. The Clearbox cardboard gift box with magnetic folding closure is the newest and most successful magnetic box on the market. It is made of 1200 g/m² cardboard. Its assembly is very simple thanks to its magnetic flap and its inner flaps fixed by velcro. It is delivered flat in one piece.

This gift box is perfect for many uses in ready to wear, leather goods or to store a book. Clothes fit perfectly in it, as well as books in different sizes. This is made possible thanks to the 4 different sizes that exist for this empty box.

b. Centuryprint

With Centuryprint you will be able to order your personalized Clearboxes from 50 units. Indeed, you can personalize directly online, or offline, your magnetic gift boxes with window. It is currently available in 4 formats and in two colors (black kraft tinted in the mass and white matt laminated). This box is made of 100% recycled cardboard of 1200 g/m² covered with a 140 g/m² cover paper (inside and outside) with or without lamination depending on the color.


With our long experience, we are able to support your company by providing 100% custom packaging. It is possible from at least 1000 units to fully customize this packaging. When you fully customize the Clearbox, you can change the cover materials, for instance, as well as choose a different color, or opt for a format that suits you better.