Catering paper bags

Centurybox offers a wide variety of luxury paper bags on its various online stores. Indeed, we offer a number of paper bags that can be used as generic luxury packaging. We offer paper bags in many different styles and sizes.

One of the models we offer is the paper bag for catering and other food brands with its very spacious and reinforced bottom. This feature makes this bag particularly practical, you can safely use it as a paper bag for pies, pizzas or quiches.

The kraft paper bag for catering is an environmentally responsible packaging solution. Indeed, the bag is composed entirely of a single material, kraft paper. Thanks to this, the kraft paper bag can be easily recycled and it is also 100% biodegradable.

Centurybox has designed paper bags adapted to caterers. In kraft paper or laminated, the catering paper bags are resistant to transport your cakes, meals or various foods. Their reinforced cardboard bottoms guarantee stability during the transport of your products.

  • Description: paper bags with twisted handles and reinforced cardboard bottom. This kraft paper bag is perfect to carry large boxes containing for example pizza, quiches or pies.
    Bottom : Yes, with reinforced cardboard
    Inner flaps: No
    Side gussets : Yes
  • Handles: Twisted handles
  • Materials: Kraft paper or coated paper, 120 to 170 g/m², the bottom of the bag is also reinforced so that heavier products can be transported without any problem.
  • Printing: offset, silk-screen, embossed, glitter, hologram, hot printing, U.V., silk-screen, varnish …
  • Options: matte or glossy lamination, printing inside the bag, label …
  • Minimum quantity: 1 000 units for a fully customized model, this bag is not available on our webshops.


A. Centurybox

Centurybox is able to meet your needs and develop your own custom catering bag. Contact us to develop your own kraft paper catering bag today.

B. Centuryprint

Unfortunately this kraft paper bag is not available for customization at this time, however we do offer a wide variety of customizable paper bags on our online store.

C. Centuryshop

Unfortunately this kraft paper bag is not available on this webshop, however we offer a wide variety of paper bags on our online store.

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