The Flowerbox rigid cardboard cloche box is a very high quality cardboard packaging solution. Originally, this cubic gift box was developed to contain flowers, hence its name. The perfect picture of the cubic gift box with its bell-shaped lid. The box is delivered flat and the rigid bell cap mounted. The voluminous Flowerbox cubic box is perfect to contain products such as floral arrangements, ready-to-wear accessories (belts, scarves and ties), cosmetics, perfumes, jewelry, decoration (teapot, statuette), MUGs (cups) or even candles. An infinity of uses can be found

It can be assembled instantly and remains in the assembled position thanks to a clever toggle assembly system with a permanent sticker. It is made of solid 100% recycled cardboard of 1200 gr/m² and covered with a 140 gr/m² cover paper (inside and outside) with or without lamination according to the colors.

  • Description: Cubic bell gift box with a separate lid.
  • Handles: Not available in small quantities, but can be possible if 100% personalized
  • Materials: 1200g/m² rigid cardboard
  • Possible printing techniques to personalize this product: hot printing, digital printing, screen printing


There are many ways to order your Flowerbox in a very easy way!


a. Centuryshop

On Centuryshop you can choose your Flowerbox from 2 sizes and 2 colors. The available colors are white and black, while the 2 available sizes are 18*18*18Cm and 25*25*25 respectively. The advantage of Centuryshop is that you are able to order your packaging from 25 units, the delivery is done in less than 72 hours thanks to our central location in Europe.

b. Centuryprint

Centuryprint, our self-developed webtoprint solution, offers you the possibility to order your Flowerboxes from 50 units, with a delivery time of 15 days. On Centuryprint you can easily personalize this packaging thanks to the personalization module. This easy customization, together with the fast delivery and the low minimum order quantity, allows your store to adapt its packaging very regularly. You can imagine new packaging monthly, the ease of use is extreme.

c. Centurybox

Centurybox also offers you the possibility to fully customize this box. Do not hesitate to contact us to know what is possible. This gift box with lid can be transformed and used as a base to create the packaging you need.