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Luxury revolves entirely around the transformation and enhancement of materials by the best craftsmen and with the best technologies. In our philosophy, luxury transforms these noble objects and materials into unique concepts.

We strive to apply this approach to the various packaging solutions we produce. We are committed to offering the best service to the most demanding brands, but also to our own personal collections. Luxury also means that we have to work with the utmost respect for the planet, as well as for the different stakeholders involved in our activities. We are therefore fully committed to reducing our carbon footprint while continuously improving the way we work.


Luxury is synonymous with timelessness thanks to simple and natural materials.

We specialize in packaging made of cardboard, paper, cotton and smart plastics. We are constantly evaluating new materials that allow us to reduce the environmental impact of packaging and improve the end customer experience.


Luxury product packaging: Mainly high-end boxes to contain the product. We cover a wide range of industries, from cosmetics to electronics. Our scope includes the production of inlays, user guides, leaflets and accessories.

Point of Sale Packaging: we offer a unique solution for luxury retailers with a global logistics solution. We offer a web to print packaging solution, Centuryprint, where you can order packaging in small quantities and in small quantities. 

E-commerce packaging, functional, robust and exclusive packaging solutions for luxury goods shipping. Centuryshop offers generical packaging solutions in small quantities and in less than 3 days. 

Promotional packaging for trade shows or any other marketing activity.