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Founded in 1988 Centurybox specializes in high-quality packaging. Over the past decades Centurybox has grown its presence from Belgium to Europe, Asia, and more recently North America. . Our products serve customers in many types of industries : shoes, apparel, cosmetics, perfume, jewelry, spirituous, home decoration, food & catering …
Product packaging has evolved from its protective and transport function to an essential component of your product. Your packaging should not only be an insignificant item used to carry your products, but instead once personalized it can be a great way to vehicle your brand’s identity. Centurybox is your ideal partner to help you transform simple packaging into a true communications tool using our extensive experience and our wide range of packaging solutions.


Centurybox continuously strives to expand its product range by investing in research focused on finding new packaging-concepts and printing techniques. Additionally our team is dedicated to offer our clients with the most comprehensive service by enabling low-volume orders, inventory management, and best-in-class customer service.


  • Quality : Centurybox requires strict quality assurance checks aiming for the highest standards on all of our products before leaving the factory
  • Innovation : Centurybox constantly innovates to find affordable premium packaging solutions with a lesser impact on the environment.
  • Customer satisfaction: Our team of expert is at our clients’ disposal to advise and develop a solution meeting your requirements in enhancing your brand image.
  • Integrity: Centurybox is engaged to treating its partners, collaborators, and suppliers with fair practices, respect, and loyalty.


  • Graphic design : Our creative team is able to convert your visual identity into powerful and effective visual concepts taking into account the requirements and opportunities of a three dimensional packaging.
  • Printing: We print using the latest printing techniques according to the selected packaging product and artwork.
  • Finishing: Many features are available to enhance your packaging product: lamination, embossing, hot foil print, eyelets, special die cutting, U.V or silkscreen varnishes …
  • Storage: The ability to store your products at our facilities
  • Distribution : Our logistics department can deliver cost effectively all over the world to your retail outlets