CENTURYBOX GROUP, THE PEOPLE BEHIND CENTURYBOX GROUP The well-being of our team is paramount in all decisions we make. Safety at work and international social standards are respected in all our actions, and we expect the same from our partners. We verify the commitments of our partners through regular audits.

In addition, we continuously invest in the training and improvement of our teams so that they respect good practices and that these are shared within the company. This constant search for improvement allows our teams to master the latest technologies.

Technological innovation and artificial intelligence allow our teams to improve their quality of life at work, by replacing repetitive tasks that can be automated by activities with higher added value.

The priority for the management is to propel and guarantee customer satisfaction at the forefront.

Sac en coton, en jean et en feutrine réutilisable

Luxury is about craftsmanship. We employ the most skilled workers to ensure that your packaging is perfectly crafted.

Luxury is also about state-of-the-art assembly and printing technologies to achieve perfection. Luxury means quality and we ensure that processes are highly consistent.


All our packaging is produced and shipped using best practices to reduce our environmental impact.

We help our customers choose packaging products that will reduce their environmental footprint. This is achieved through careful material selection, process evaluation, life cycle analysis and supply chain optimization.

We regularly invest in clean energy to further reduce our impact on our unique planet. We also contribute to reforestation through dedicated programs such as “Seed of Life”.